Netlify is a static site hosting company that has a powerful free offering. If you're looking to host a commercial Tome site this is a great option.

Deploying the Tome template

Netlify supports template projects, which are the fastest way to get started on their platform. To use the Tome template  that comes with the Bookish profile (good for blogs), click the button below:

You'll be prompted to login or create an account, then a Tome site will be automatically provisioned for you.

Configuring netlify.toml

If you're connecting to Netlify manually and not using the template, you should understand how to configure Netlify to properly build Tome. Netlify supports a root-level configuration file, "netlify.toml", which contains environmental variables and commands used to build your static site.

The currently recommended netlify.toml configuration is:

command = "composer install && ./vendor/bin/drush tome:install -y && ./vendor/bin/drush tome:static -l $DEPLOY_PRIME_URL"
publish = "html"


If you copy + paste this to netlify.toml in the root of your Tome project, you should be set to deploy to Netlify.

There isn't a lot of secret sauce in this file, but it's worth noting that "$DEPLOY_PRIME_URL" is used to dynamically determine the base path of Drupal based on where the build will be deployed. Netlify supports multiple domains per branch, so you don't want to hard-code a URL.