Tome supports multilingual Drupal setups, which allows you to create a static Drupal site in multiple languages.

For Tome Sync, content exports for non-default languages will contain their langcode, for example a Spanish translation of a node may have the filename "". As a user, translations of entities should just work without any extra work or configuration on your part.

In Tome Static, URL language negotiation is supported with the following notes:

  1. If you use path prefixes like "/en" or "/es", all paths returned by the static generator will be prefixed unless they are already language-specific, like entity paths.
  2. When using domain negotiation, you will need to re-run "drush tome:static" for each of your multilingual domains, with the domain passed with the "--uri" option. One caveat of domain negotiation is that default entity URLs like "/node/1" will not be generated for every language. To work around this, make sure to add URL aliases for all your entities.

In general, multilingual support in Tome is meant to be seamless for end users. If you know how to make a multilingual site in Drupal, that should work without any extra configuration. That said, some edge cases for translation may still have issues, so please file bugs as you find them.