Site specific settings

Tome supports a limited number of site settings that you can define in your settings.php file.

  • tome_files_directory - Where files are exported. Defaults to "../files".
  • tome_content_directory - Where content is exported. Defaults to "../content".
  • tome_static_directory - Where HTML is exported. Defaults to "../html".
  • tome_book_outline_directory - Where books are exported. Defaults to "../extra".
  • tome_static_cache_exclude - An array of paths to always exclude from static cache. This is useful for pages that include Views that show recently added content.
    For example:
    $settings['tome_static_cache_exclude'] = ['/'];
    Would always rebuild the homepage when running "drush tome:static --partial".
  • tome_static_path_exclude -  An array of paths to exclude from static site generation. Useful for system paths.
  • tome_sync_encoder - (Added in 8.x-1.6) The encoder to use when exporting content. Defaults to "json" but "yaml" is also available in an experimental state.

Config is exported to your config sync directory. It's recommended that you set this to "../config" with a settings.php line like:

$config_directories['sync'] = '../config';