Site specific settings

Tome supports a limited number of site settings that you can define in your settings.php file.

  • tome_files_directory - Where files are exported. Defaults to "../files".
  • tome_content_directory - Where content is exported. Defaults to "../content".
  • tome_static_directory - Where HTML is exported. Defaults to "../html".
  • tome_book_outline_directory - Where books are exported. Defaults to "../extra".
  • tome_static_cache_exclude - An array of paths to always exclude from static cache. This is useful for pages that include Views that show recently added content.
    For example:
    $settings['tome_static_cache_exclude'] = ['/'];
    Would always rebuild the homepage when running "drush tome:static --partial".
  • tome_static_path_exclude -  An array of paths to exclude from static site generation. Useful for system paths.

Config is exported to your config sync directory. It's recommended that you set this to "../config" with a settings.php line like:

$config_directories['sync'] = '../config';